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R 6,000.00


The coins were designed by Dean Simon, the world famous
Judaica artist and depict 5 famous Rabbis:- The Rambam,
the Gaon of Vilna, the Maran bet Yosef, the Baal Shem Tov
and the Ben Ish Chai. The Kohen's hands are shown on the
reverse of each coin.

Each coin is struck in Sterling Silver and weighs a little
more than 22 grams. The total weight complies strictly to
the Halachic requirement in order to redeem the first born
from the Kohen.

The dies were hand crafted by a master die maker who has
worked for the South African Mint for the last 30 years and
has won numerous international awards for his work.
The 5 coins are encapsulated and displayed in a superb
genuine Rosewood box beautifully lined with black velvet.
The Kohen's hands are laser engraved on the lid of the box.
Please be aware that we do not export coins and all coins are only available in South Africa. This medallion set includes VAT at 15% . PAYMENT BY EFT OR CASH ONLY

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